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Connect and Drive Specials!!!


Specials will end June 30th, 2023 at 2:30PM EST.

20% Deposit Required to Lock in Special Pricing. This can be through PayPal. The remainder must be Paid via Cash-Check-Wire Transfer. Final Payment MUST be Received by July 5th, 2023 to receive these AMAZING Deals.

Our custom performance setups have always been copied but never perfected. Every week, we receive calls from our competitor's customers asking for help when something they've already bought that does not work out quite as expected. We do our best to help but the fact remains that they have found themselves invested in an expensive mess with no clear direction on how to make it work.

Connect and Drive

The LS3 engines the most popular engine for Restomods and our Connect and Drive package makes them so easy at an affordable price. We provide the engine, transmission, and engine/trans management system with ECMs, harness, and more.

Connect and Drive

The name LS376/480 can be misleading because this engine actually produces 495 horsepower at 6,200 rpm. That's more then enough power for most people building their own Restomod. The LS376/480 pairs nicely with either the 4L70E or T56 Super Magnum.

Connect and Drive

The LS376/525 is known for its "fuel-injected ferocity." Built singing an aggressive ASA camshaft, this particular LS376 really comes alive with 525 uncompromising horsepower. This engine is a fan favorite among hot rod enthusiasts and performs great when mated with a automatic or manual transmission.

Connect and Drive

The LS376/535 Connect and Drive provides 535 horsepower without banking the bank at the pump every few day. Of course if you have a heavy foot then it won't really save you all that much even with a 4L70E automatic transmission behind it.

Connect and Drive

Let's face it, anyone that is considering the LS376/560 isn't the least bit worried about gam mileage because they are the type that will be stomping down our the gas pedal at every red light. They might even stop on yellow just to be at the front of the pack with the light turns green.