Black Friday Specials have Arrived!

This year we are featuring many of our Turnkey Engine & Transmission Packages along with our Connect & Drive Packages. But wait there's more... for Black Friday we are also offing some of out best selling products at great prices including our LS Conversion Package, Complete EFI Fuel Tanks, Fuel Hose kits, & Serpentine Systems.

Black Friday Specials end Dec 2nd, 2020 at 5PM EST.

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Authorized Performance Reseller

Southern Performance Systems was founded in 1994. Located in Sugar Hill, Georgia outside of Atlanta, Southern Performance Systems specializes in providing the most complete Turnkey LS engine packages for classic cars, muscle cars and trucks. In addition to engine packages to make a LS conversion complete we offer upgrades for brakes, suspensions, rear ends, air conditioning, electronic gauges, radiators and headers. Years of being an install center, doing design work and testing have made us a leader in the LS conversion market.

Featured Hot Rod - Scott H's 1971 Chevelle

Scott H, brought us his 1971 Chevelle to have a LS3 conversion done. SPS installed a 430hp LS3 with 4L70E transmission. Added a few upgrades to the engine including the tunnel ram intake, MSD coils and/or cleaner system. Other updates to the car include Vintage Air AC System and performance exhaust. At Southern Performance Systems, we build today's engines for yesterday's classic cars.Are you looking for a new engine for your Hot Rod? Give us a call at 678-482-0866.

Engines & Transmissions

Engine options include LS1-LS2-LS3-LS7 in GM's Automotive Line and 5.3L-6.0L-L92-L9H for GM's Truck Line. The GM Performance Line offers the 480 & 525 Horse Power LS3s plus the LSx 376 and the LSx 454. Horse power options for the factory and performance LS engines range from 300 to 665. SPS offers custom builds using aluminum block and the more serious LSx block. For the budget-minded, there are some good used take-out engine available at great prices.

Transmission options include 4L60E- 4L70E-4L80E-4L85E and the new 6L80E & 6L90E 6-speed automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions such as the T56 Magnum and TKO600 are also available. SPS provides transmission that use a standard slip yoke, where as the production units use a fixed yoke that requires a 2- piece driveshaft. The 6-speed automatic can be used with a paddle shifter for those who want to shift the transmission without the use of a clutch. For high-horsepower engines, custom transmissions can be built to handle to extreme power and torque. Our stock torque converters work great with most engines and we have high-stall converters for our big cam engines. When setup correctly, these high-stall converters provide great gas mileage and work just fine on the highways. SPS will pair your engine and transmission with the converter that will work best for you.


Engine Control Modules & Harness Kits

All engine management harnesses are custom made to fit each engine/transmission package. Along with the harnesses that we offer, SPS also offers GM Factory ECMs (Engine Control Modules) and TCMs (Transmission Control Module) and custom programming. Each harness comes with Check Engine Light and Factory Diagnostic Plug which can be scanned by any shop with the right equipment. We also offer Holley ECM Controllers and harnesses for automatic or manual transmissions as well as FAST Electronics and Comp-U-Shift transmission controllers. Along with the LS engines harness, SPS now offers Harnesses and ECM Programming for the LT1 Line.